Maybe i am shitzo. Maybe I am psycho.

Most of them People say Psycho like it is

a bad thing, whatever. I am! You have a

Sexcomplex? A lot of People have it. I

do not like this streaming Society anymore.

Now i do not remember anymore. Some

People like Money some need Love, Music

or whatever. Just trying not

to do anything wrong! Much of them People

out there were build on Assambly-Lines and

some are Arseholes. But i know now, now i am

ok! That someone are really nice! And some are

special & spiritual & spiritual cool Music from

small special Places all over the World, thats

what i like & need every Day! Often I don't want

to, & i can not live with your Society! -

In Future - There is any matter to you? Humans,

are all about Conspiracys, and Money. Thats

very sad! Stay alive! My Assignment in Life.

Soundcreating, Mixing, Electronic Machines,

Sounds!!! Maybe something like, Difference.

Different is normal, is normal, is difformal.

Written by: The Factory Presex @ 2009-2010.



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